Selection of Design works, from Andrew’s career as a graphic designer. Andrew is still producing top-quality and effective graphics in virtually all formats, for hire.

Logo and branding work for ‘Jumpire’ trampolines and PremiumTrampolines.com (#style)

Branding for Trampoline brand “Jumpire” by Andrew Brett.

Selection of works for Trampoline related businesses: Parts for Trampolines .com, premium trampolines .com , Jumpire [trampoline brand] and Jumpart [trampoline parts] as well as selections from various applications/designs for screen and print that Andrew created for these brands.

Enterprise Ireland High Potential Startup: TeachKloud

The TeachKloud logo is to represent an app that allows Teachers and Parents do administration tasks related to regulations and day-to-day running of pre-school education. The concept visually-speaking is of the regulations, parents and teachers perspectives/input being visible in one place for the key users of the App. Friendly colours were chosen because of the nature of the business and mission. A clean and sans-serif style was adopted to look clean and minimalist on screen, to get the message across with minimum friction in a distinctive and easily recognisable way.

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