I help people solve business problems like: Identifying what the consumer / stakeholder wants, and making sure that is a key part of the communications strategy.

With a M.A. in Public Relations with New Media (and a certificate in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise) as well as a Visual Communications Design degree, I can help you a lot with getting your message out there.

Past clients include: Life Connections (Social Enterprise, Ireland)

Parts For Trampolines

Pieta House

Andrew Brett with Cat Hughes of Pieta House (2017) at launch of new services for members of travelling community – illustration, brochure and banner design by Andrew Brett

The full story

Andrew was self-employed from 2016-2019 (and is again serving clients as a freelancer, amongst other work/projects), after a Lot of education.

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The business failed, because Andrew failed to market is ‘graphic design’ and ‘copywriting’ services, effectively (enough to withstand the loss of a few key clients). It was a classic business mistake (for marketing firms). Meanwhile what Andrew was actually marketing (and developing, for most of 2018-19, when the business failed) didn’t get off the ground unfortunately. (It was corporate workshops, by the way, very lucrative space, Andrew thought. Didn’t get off the ground because not enough run-way, as they say).

Andrew hit the ground, and is only back-in-business again now, after a hiatus that explored artistry as a means of making money (not going there, right now). But I am back in business again now, doing what I am meant to be doing, And Loving it.

That is: Branding, Communications and Strategy(for businesses)

You can rely on Andrew’s ‘grounded approach’ to getting things done that are important to you.


M.A. in P.R. with New Media (2011, Cork IT, Ireland)
Post-grad Innovation Entrepreneurship and Enterprise (certificate) UCD 2016
Training Delivery and Evaluation 2016
B.A. Visual Communications Design, Limerick IT, 2010
Local Enterprise Office: Tendering Proposals, 1-Day training.