90 minute clarity session

Want to get your story straight? Need to brush up on the fundamentals of Your marketing-message/Strategy!? This 90 minute session is ideal for start-ups, or more established businesses, who need to clarify exactly what it is that they are saying, to achieve maximum result in their marketing/Selling efforts.

What will we do in this session?

  • Focus on the Problem you are solving and how it is relevant for your Audience(s)
  • Generate copy / written words that will form the basis of your marketing message. This may include creating a name/tagline/website domain/ service naming/ service package naming etc.
  • Generate body copy to sell the products and services in draft format [so you will have a formula that you can ‘fill-in’ to ensure that your copy is working effectively and that your prospects are not left with unanswered questions/ or ‘incorrect thoughts’ that your Service/Product is not for them.
  • I will work with you to dig up the gems of knowledge in your mind about how we can connect best with your customer and translate that into concepts to inspire your marketing message(s) and how those messages are communicated.
  • If needed (appropriate at this level of prioritisation) we can identify opportunities to enhance your brand identity, or possible directions that may be worth pursuing / exploring to develop and enhance your Strategy.

Why work with Andrew?

Andrew has great experience in helping Startups to define their message. He has a wealth of experience in terms of product development for a market, with his post-graduate certificate in Innovation Entrepreneurship and Enterprise (long one, I know) he understands that creative process, and how to focus on what’s really important for your customer/stakeholder [the M.A. in Public Relations with New Media comes in handy here] and to communicate that via both the product that you offer, and the messaging [which is the primary focus here] of that product/service.

Andrew has worked with the IGNITE program of UCC (helping startups and pre-startups with their branding and communications design, and strategy) as well as UCD’s Innovation Academy, doing similar work, where he has returned as a workshop facilitator on Branding Identity and Design.

Andrew has serviced several start-ups in the start-up space, including Social Enterprise Ireland participants: Life Connections; Enterprise Irelands High Potential Start-up: Teachkloud, and Nationally known Pieta House, to name a few, where Andrews Strategic thinking and consultancy have been effectively applied.

How does the session work?

The session can take place by Zoom, on in-person if needed (travel expenses will apply, and depending on location, may require weekend time). Brin’ a notebook! The cost is €90 per hour, or €150 for 90 minutes [reccomended].

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Guarantee: If you are not entirely satisfied that the session has ‘moved the needle’ for you, No fee. The financial risk is entirely on my side, and believe me, I won’t work with you if I don’t believe I can help.

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Service 3: Clarification Session

Is your venture or idea ‘a bit all over the place’!?

Clear your mind and get focused on where you are now, and what you can do to improve your situation (from a marketing / communications perspective) by talking to Andrew for an hour-or-so and get a structure on what’s going on in your venture.

Andrew is an experienced consultant, with excellent listening and analytical skills. He will make the situation very clear for you and give you good solid guidance on what you can be doing now, and what obstacles may be in your way towards achieving your goals. After a session with Andrew, you will know where you are, where you are going and What you have to do.

You will have a structured path towards achieving measurable and significant results for your Venture

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Services 4: Any other Services

Design of graphics, Creative Content, Communications Strategy including what channels to use, and how to use them. These are a few of the key areas that I am helping cleints in today.

Get in touch to discuss how I may be able to solve your specific problem, or improve things for you business. All the best,

Contact Details:

Andrew Brett +353868610973 / e:


I have worked directly with Andrew on a weekly basis since early 2018 (*up to mid-late 2019) on a variety design and branding projects across a range of media and industries. Andrew has worked on some projects for clients of WebArt Ltd and other graphical and branding work for other businesses of mine.

Therefore, I have experience of how well Andrew can work very closely and effectively with clients directly to develop branding design when needed, while at the same time can take instruction and develop the concept from an outlined brief as required.

His work is always of the highest quality and comes with supporting explanations where necessary to demonstrate the meaning of the concept and how it meets the requirements of a project or brand.

I have worked with many designers over my career and Andrew’s skills in Graphic Design are excellent, but he also is an experienced visual and brand consultant and a consummate professional who brings a unique understanding of his craft to every task. He always seeks to understand the brand values, target market and business ethos to ensures this is not only captured in his work but never compromised.
– Lisa Stacey, Web Art and Founder of multiple e-commerce businesses

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