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Do you need a website that you can edit yourself, easily and without hassle? Andrew can help you set up a SIMPLE* brochure website (so you can see all the information that you want to share about what it is that you do/Offer), with some basic functionality like email capture etc. Andrew does this on WordPress, so the power will be in your hands to edit the content of your simple website as you see fit (without code, or any highly technical skills– if you can make a Facebook post or Twitter post, you can probably learn to use WordPress effectively to create pages or blog-posts on your website and share your thoughts with the world, online, on your own platform, that you can access and use, easily).

Mobile view of CastlereaEnterpriseHub website, recently initiated and currently being developed by Andrew

Mobile and Desktop viewable

These websites, using WordPress themes, work well on mobile and desktop computers- and adapt automatically, depending on what your viewer is using to view the site.

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I have worked directly with Andrew on a weekly basis since early 2018 (*up to mid-late 2019) on a variety design and branding projects across a range of media and industries. Andrew has worked on some projects for clients of WebArt Ltd and other graphical and branding work for other businesses of mine.

Therefore, I have experience of how well Andrew can work very closely and effectively with clients directly to develop branding design when needed, while at the same time can take instruction and develop the concept from an outlined brief as required.

His work is always of the highest quality and comes with supporting explanations where necessary to demonstrate the meaning of the concept and how it meets the requirements of a project or brand.

I have worked with many designers over my career and Andrew’s skills in Graphic Design are excellent, but he also is an experienced visual and brand consultant and a consummate professional who brings a unique understanding of his craft to every task. He always seeks to understand the brand values, target market and business ethos to ensures this is not only captured in his work but never compromised.
– Lisa Stacey, Web Art and Founder of multiple e-commerce businesses

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